This college application timeline will help you plan out your 18 months leading up to studying in the USA. You can also download our complete college application checklist to have on hand for each college you’re interested in.

18 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Research various colleges and universities programs
  • Register and prepare for required entrance exams
  • Keep working hard in school
  • Consider receiving admissions counseling guidance from an educational consulting company like IvyWise.

10-12 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Re-request forms if necessary
  • Identify your references and supply them with required reference forms
  • Request school transcripts
  • Write your application essay

12-14 Months Before U.S. Study

  • Choose the schools to which you will apply
  • Obtain all necessary information and forms for each school
  • Prepare for and take all required entrance exams

1 Month Before U.S. Study

  • Important things to consider during this time
  • Final preparation for your trip to the U.S.
  • Ways to get ready for your classes before arriving